As you begin to pack your suitcase for your upcoming trip, your beloved pet? He knows.

Curious playful funny tabby kitten in red little suitcase. Studio shot against grey.

He sits on your suitcase, makes em’ big, sad puppy eyes(or evil squinty cat eyes,) whines, barks, and makes you feel like a jerk for leaving.

He’s sad, mad, and you?  You feel bad.

You’re over the moon over your travels – and have been dying to get away.  But every single time – it’s gut wrenching to leave your furry beast behind.

You’ve searched the net for pet-sitting, pet hotels, but the problem?  You know your pet would be MUCH happier at home, and you can’t seem to find a suitable house-sitter.

So what do you do when you realize – perhaps after a particularly painful guilt trip from your pet, that you’d wish there was an ideal solution?

You find my website, read the whole thing to suss out my credentials and trustworthy factor, and you enlist my help.

Because having someone in your home who’ll adore your pets – respect your home – pick up your mail – and keep it working smoothly? It’s priceless.

Hi, I’m Brigitte Theriault.  I became a professional house-sitter because I LOVE pets, I love to stay in new places, and I love to take care of homes.

2013-08-09 11.49.16

You can read all about me by clicking here.